I have a Facebook business page so I don’t need to have a website, right? Wrong. Businesses need to wake up to having a website. If you are thinking a Facebook page is all I need to promote my business, then think again. Yes, Facebook has 1.32 billion people check their account once a month with a further 654 million users logging in using a mobile device every day. However, businesses who only use Facebook Business Pages would be mistaken not have a website.

Imagine for a moment, you set up your Facebook business page and it looks great, in fact, you have thought of everything you need. You even go as far as promoting your page so people can see it, then you decide to no longer use Facebook advertising and with that, your website can no longer be found through searches. This is because there are still two flaws in only using a social media platform:

The first the page is not yours – Facebook regularly redesigns and changes its policies and you have no choice but to embrace these changes.
In fact, you are shutting your business off to Google. Matt Cutts says that to the best of his knowledge, Google does NOT use signals from social media as a direct ranking factor for searches.

Why do Small Businesses Choose Facebook?

Quick and easy – It takes very little time and effort to set up a business Facebook page. A ready-made audience – In the UK alone, there are 24 million active Facebook users, so you have a lot of potential customers within easy reach. Casual interaction – The appealing thing about Facebook is that it actively encourages you to form relationships with your customers.

The thing is, although Facebook can be useful, relying on it alone is not going to help you build a successful business in the long term. The biggest problem with Facebook is that it is continually moving the goal posts. Facebook is in business to make money and paid advertising is one of its biggest money-spinners.

Facebook’s main aim is to keep businesses paying to keep their page visible so if your company CAN afford to pay to keep up to date with the latest changes then Facebook is the best-placed marketing tool for you. However, for most businesses they cannot afford to do this. Besides customers like to validate a company by first getting recommendations from Facebook and then validation from your website. In simple terms, a website gives your customers the best results as you decide what the parameters are and not Facebook. Therefore if you change a product or service it is you who makes the decision on how it should be marketed. Finally, Google is still the number one search engine in the world, but to be on google you need to have a website.