If you a creative entrepreneur with a mind for business yet struggle to complete and effectively use business strategies, then applying your artistic tendencies could bring your business plan to life.

Revisiting my business plan during the pandemic to springboard my new business The Visuals Advisor meant feeling the overwhelm of sorting through various forms, documents and a business model canvas that had become a collection of jumbled words on white paper,  formulaic results and tables that left me confused and frustrated.

I began my business journey in 2018 as a jewellery designer with a scattergun approach and I needed this second income stream. As a start-up once again I had a Eureka moment. I realised that as a designer and artist I had begun visualising the complex strategies and decided to create my business plan as a video. I incorporated my business plan to include my jewellery business Amoreantos and The Visuals Adviser.

Much more fun and something I want to assess again and again.

After attending Project Next online with Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins I was asked to create the process as a course that I could deliver to my 20 year old self. I created the course HOW TO DESIGN YOUR BUSINESS PLAN LIKE AN ART PROJECT that I would have liked to study at university to give me an understanding of business in my own terms over 30 years ago.

The creative 9 week course launched on their Mastermind.com website on 25th July 2021 as a series of video tutorials and is part of the growth of self-education programmes that are making an impact globally today.
If you are a creative entrepreneur with a business but no business plan, and your lack of direction is keeping you up at night. This course may be the reason you master the strategies and want to take you business to the next level to grasp even more of the processes.
As a The Visuals Adviser and public speaker myself I design slideshow and webinar presentations, social media graphics with a post less engage more strategy, workbooks, create course material and add a sprinkling of copy and purposeful PR to show my clients as a got-to expert.