In the last few weeks, we have seen the resignation of Theresa May the PM who would be Queen lose her coronation to a better candidate?

What remains to be seen is as the leadership competition heats up to remaining two, Borris and Hunt. But who’s PM is it anyway… As we blindly go where we have not been before there are other factors at work; no not Brexit, but Iran and America or more precisely Iran and President Trump. A president who is more intent on making enemies than friends with his bold statement of ‘The United States first’. We have been and currently do enjoy a special relationship with the US which if Borris gets in will this cause a greater situation and a more difficult one than Brexit.

Boris Johnson: ‘I will make Britain the greatest place on Earth and unite country over Brexit’ Source Telegraph

So what is the real underlining current? With the international state of affairs at the moment, at best a Boris and Trump leadership will lead us into troubled waters and worse into WAR! So who is the right leader to stable the ship? Being ex-serviceman myself the prospect of going into a conflict zone should the worse happen does not feel me with joy. We need a Prime Minister who is strong and firm and can stand up not only to Europe but also the United States. However, with a distancing of European relationships surely this can only mean a stronger relationship with the US and its current president’s agenda; which will put Great Britain under greater pressure to secure favor its alias.

Jeremy Hunt points to his opponent Boris as the would be King, saying that although the conservatives and the general public do not wish to see another coronation, the leadership competition is not being fought fairly under Boris Johnson. Boris is in his opinion flaunting what conservative members and the public want by ignoring the chance to be openly critics on live TV d. Suggesting, the would be PM is using submarine tactics to slip into power and ignore general consensus and party interests. His maverick style is more in line with president Trump which is dangerous grounds for UK politics on an international stage.