Lockdown set to end as track and trace to starts to be put in place. The British people are once again to pay the price by staying at home should they be notified by NHS testers that they have been in contact with the virus even if they show known signs of the virus. Whilst Dominic Cummings continues to flout the system by refusing to apologies and pushes a bigger divide between the government, the PM and MPs.

The end in sight as of Monday 1st June, six people or more can gather in open spaces or private gardens (social distancing applies), and from the middle of June, all unnecessary shops open to the public as PM urges people to spend to get the economy going again.

We ask the questions of what our freedom will look like over the next few months. The aim is to move from lockdown to unlock. Scientists say there is no magic bullet and this will only prevent between 5% – 15% of cases. Although, it is being hailed as the breakthrough needed to get the economy moving again and back to some sort of normality. The public is being asked to continue to do their civic duty by staying at home if they show signs of any of the systems – a persistent cough, fever or a sudden loss of taste or sense of smell – they will have to be isolated for seven days and the rest of their household for 14 days. The big change is anyone who shows any of the above systems should seek a test immediately. You can arrange a test online or call 119. Results within days not weeks. Should you test negative you and everyone in your household can go back to normal. Should it be positive you will be contacted by the NHS test and trace team – text, email, or phone to find out who you have come in contact with. Source BBC

This is surely the sign we have all been waiting for. I have been shouting from the rooftops ok on our show with the Small Business Support Group that ‘test, test, test’ is the answer and we should be only isolating parts of the country, communities that are infected allowing those who can work, work. It has always been my belief that the UK cannot sustain the bailing out of 8.5 million workers at 80% of their wages until the end of July for £15 billion. The taxpayer will pay the price in the future for the delayed response of locking down earlier. Source BBC

The news headlines are still led by Dominic Cummings’ lack of judgment or sure arrogance of defying his own rules. The press seemed to vilify Cummings by asking the same questions and expecting a different answer. Are they right to keep with the pressure? Or should they move on as requests by Boris Johnson over the whole saga and deal with the more pressing issues of tackling the current pandemic and getting the economy moving again? Some say that they understand his actions as a father to protect his child by driving hundreds of miles with a sick wife to his second family home in Durham from London, but stop short of that as further revelations come to light that he then traveled 30 minutes from Durham to a nearby town on his wife’s birthday. His excuse to test his eyesight whilst driving – ludicrous. Source The Guardian

Cummings for Prime Minister!! It seems that our PM would be lost without his top advisor as he is the brainchild behind tackling Coronavirus Lockdown and Brexit and the PM and Government would be lost without. Have we got the wrong man in office? Possibly not. But the golden child can do no wrong with the PM and top MP’s backing his rebuff in refusing to apologise to the British public. Pure arrogance on his part and the downfall of the government in the next elections. But as they say today’s news, tomorrow’s chip paper.

Finally, are we to see the rest of the country fall into line, sorry I meant to follow suit. Sturgeon now sets out a plan for unlocking Scotland. In a four-phase plan to unlock Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister who slated the PM for the new campaign from the government Stay Vigilant now says the first phase is to allow the Scottish people the right to exercise. She will also follow the nationwide approach to test and trace strategy. Source The Scottsman

The UK has been fragmented at best and split at worse with the PM decision nearly three weeks ago to move to phase one of the easements of lockdown. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland all taking a different approach to how best to deal with Coronavirus. The hope is that it is not point-scoring, but a genuine desire to be cautious over the handling of deadly virus as we #Brexit is still happening and we have a long road ahead of us.

Yesterday marked the three-week point for the PM’s road map on how the government tackles the easying lockdown further with the decline of the R. He praised the British people for having done their best to stem and curve the spreading of the coronavirus but said we are not out of the woods and some parts of the country are taking different approaches and its not down to the government efforts but the publics efforts. Source ITV Daily Briefing