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Five ways to be a great sales person

Form a picture in your head, of what you think a salesperson looks like. What clothes do they wear, what look do they have on their face and what feeling do you get from them? Chances are a lot of what you are thinking of is pretty negative (if it isn’t I bet you are already a great salesperson!). When I perform this exercise with one of my training groups, the answers I get back are generally pushy, slimy, false and not genuine. This generally negative perception of salespeople means many of us are reluctant to become, or be perceived as “a salesperson” making it harder for them to sell anything!

Ten years ago, I felt this way too. I’d already been running my design agency for ten years at that point and the last thing I wanted to be thought of as a salesperson! Surely I was a Managing Director and would never lower myself to being in sales? As I found out, I couldn’t have been further from the truth, and it wasn’t until I accepted my role as a salesperson that I started to build a business I was proud of truly.

It started when I realised that all of my business heroes like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs were at heart awesome salespeople. From one of the marketing stunts that Richard Branson undertook through to the way, Steve Jobs launched a new Apple product, the most powerful elements were designed to sell, and sell to the masses. This realisation started me on a journey of readjusting my thinking and embracing sales as a profession. The phrase embodies this epiphany:

“If you are in business, you are in sales”

The route I then followed was to study a sales system (I studied Sandler Sales), and dive into as many books as possible about sales and then apply it to my business. This was a game-changer for me and my business, and I became fascinated with the art of selling and how I could help others sell. Since then, I have applied these techniques to selling everything from a pint of beer to a seven-figure business and so much in between. From all of that experience the last ten years has taught me, here are the five key lessons I have learned and now teach to the Blam Partners that join the Blam Family running their Digital marketing agency.

1. Don’t look, smell, feel, sound or taste like a salesperson. To become a professional salesperson, you need to avoid appearing like the stereotypical salesperson. This is more about your demeanour than your appearance hence the use of all four senses.

2. Don’t be needy. This is so common when you begin to sell because you desperately want the sale. Jumping through hoops and being subservient to the prospect can come across as desperate and nobody likes a desperate salesperson. Think of the relationship with the prospect as doctor and patient. You are the professional in your field, asking the right questions to determine if you have the cure for their pain.

3. Stick to the process.No matter what process you subscribe to or learn, stick to it and don’t deviate. There are many selling systems, but the most important rule is having one and using it!

4. Practice. To become great at any task, you need to practice, practice, practice. People seem to think that selling is something you are born with or not; this is absolutely not true. Anyone can sell with time, effort, perseverance and practice. And just like learning an instrument, if you give up before you’ve become competent, you won’t get results.

5. Love your product or service. Finally, and probably most important of all, you have to believe without a shadow of a doubt that when you sell, you are doing a good thing. This is the rocket fuel that helps you persevere and learn your craft. If you honestly don’t love your product or service, I would start by addressing that first and make some changes fast!

Finally, I would say to any budding entrepreneur or seasoned business owner who has hit a wall and sees your job like sales. Nobody else will ever be more passionate about your business than you, so you should embrace the salesperson within and become a professional. Get a system, practice and get results, then you can teach others within the business and scale this up!

If you’d like to find out more about Blam and how we help budding entrepreneurs grow a digital marketing agency using our sales secrets to sell market-leading A.I. websites and marketing products (that we are totally in love with!), join us on one of our live webinars to find out more.

To your success,

Grant StainCEO – Blam Websites