The founder of The Business Growth Network is on a mission to help UK businesses get back on track with his own version of #Brexit. Suggesting it should be business as usual and that we should be carrying on regardless. However, with the failing of Thomas Cook and the government’s lack of interest in backing British businesses, it’s hard to see how it can be business as usual.  The uncertainty that Brexit has caused, has many of us to question what is GREAT about Great Britain right now. The Business Growth Network’s plan is to highlight great businesses and encourage businesses from all sectors and industries as well as sizes to shout about what is great about being a UK business and to fly the flag here in the UK and abroad. 

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK. We all have a sense of duty to talk up our game not only here in the UK but also abroad. We have to remember that the British standard kitemark is still seen as valuable. A few years ago I had the pleasure of attending business trade envoy with the UKTI to Stockholm, Sweden. It was a real eye-opener on how we as a nation were perceived by Swedes. Whilst there I had the pleasure of dining with the UK Deputy Ambassador to Sweden and Head of the UK Trade of Industry along with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I was chosen to attend the dinner along with one other business who was in high tech out thirty businesses on the trade exchange. I felt at the time privileged. After the dinner the Head of UKTI Director said in the taxi on the way back to the hotel ‘If businesses do not trade outside of the UK they will fail.’  Considering this was nearly 5 years ago and prior to Brexit it would seem sound advice. 

We have to start to think BIGGER and fly the British flag when it comes to our expertise. We are world-class leaders when it comes to banking and finance, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and oil, and gas. We are the 10th largest exporter of goods and fifth-largest importer of goods. Source The UK has so much to be proud of and we are to have to take the time to dust ourselves off and take control of this great country again. We cannot allow Prime Minster, Boris Johsnon to dictate to us the terms of Brexit or allow a weak opposition to represent the will of the people. 

Businesses will be the driving force behind putting the GREAT back into Great Britain and its staff will be what keeps us ahead of the game post Brexit.