There’s lots of information available about how you can stay positive during the pandemic. Here are my top tips based on what works for my coaching clients. 

·       Pay attention to how you are feeling. Notice what’s happening in your body and mind as you engage in different activities. Do more of what makes you feel good.  

·       Give. You can boost your mood by giving to others. Write a thank you note for the refuse collectors, leave a review for someone who has provided good service or call someone and thank them for their kindness. 

·       Write down your worries. Converting worrying thoughts into a sentence on a page will allow you to tackle the problem. It’s easier to share a problem than a worry if you need to get a second opinion.   

·       Accept the bad days. Feelings go up and down, but tomorrow is a new start and a chance to do something different. 

·       Keep things simple. When you connect with people in your network spend time talking about the small things. How are they cutting their hair or staying away from the fridge? These are the things that make us human and help us connect with people. 

You’ve probably got lots of suggestions you can add to this list. That’s great. Write them down and pin them to the fridge door so you remember them.