Shindo Barquer

I bring real solutions to businesses by creating inclusive working environments – where everyone feels valued and free of any form of discrimination.

My policing career started in the 1980s. I have faced many challenges of racism and sexism and I offer my own insight and experiences and what it takes to succeed.

I support businesses and organisations to get the best out of their staff, it’s all about the willingness to change your mindset and being innovative too.

If you want a fresh new perspective in relation to your staff development or approach to Diversity & Equality then contact me as I will bring a different perspective.

I have a prove track record in leading, managing and developing individuals and teams.

I am experienced in delivering management training, diversity and equality training and personal development courses particularly addressing women’s development issues as self confidence, assertiveness, setting personal and professional goals.

I am a licensed ‘Women’s Development Springboard Trainer’ and deliver this programme to all sectors and organisations.

Speaker of Events