Mat Bullock shares his success and tips on how to get results from social. Mat is one of our gold members.
Mat explains how he first got into social media 14 years ago, when he opened his first nightclub/bar in Dudley, West Midlands. He goes on to say the facebook page he made was a very primitive thing, not much info (as they didn’t have the about section then) and didn’t take video and limited images.
But it was amazing, to be able to connect to other people with such ease and without spending money!!!!
Well, a few billion dollars profit later things have changed for Facebook, you can’t do anything for business unless you spend the cash. So once he got out of the leisure business 4 years ago his experience in creating hundreds of pages for his businesses and helping others setup pages, he had a dream to build a company to help others.
Social Command was born, it was a difficult beginning as people didn’t understand what he was offering, ‘you’re doing what for people?’ was the answer to the question on what he was doing next, he goes on to say
I love starting businesses. It’s just my thing, setting up logos, web pages, logistics and of course social media.
So he continued to plough on, picking up small clients from all over the world, his tag line was at the start ‘can’t be arsed to post, let us do it for you’
That caused a stir, people started to get it, they realised they needed social media for there business, they had seen it on tv, they had made a movie about it and most of there kids had there head stuck in it.
But how do you make money?
My answer has always been (and still is) the same ‘social media is just another advert format’, treat it with care and it will make great things for you.
Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers
Just keep posting, don’t worry about what you are posting just get stuff out there, yes make it interesting for your followers, but don’t overthink it, you won’t hit a gem every day on your posts, but posting every day will build your trustworthiness with your customers.
If your too busy to do it, remember my old tag line ‘can’t be arsed to post, let us do it for you’, yes it still is relevant. Drop us an email and see if we can help.
What’s next for Mat? Well, the software he uses at Social Command is now available to you or your team to use and make yourselves look amazing, so that’s what he wants to concentrate on, is still helping other people and businesses to help themselves grow and expand using social media.
Here are 9 reasons why social media managers and people who post on social media love social commands software:
1: Attach as many Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram* & Google profiles as you want (no limits) 
2: Add clickable advert banners to news posts.
3: Our platform finds and creates content and then formulates it into your posting schedule.
4: Protect your online reputation by monitoring and responding to customer feedback.
5: Create a social shopping cart so your business can sell products directly on social media pages.
6: Amplify your social marketing with powerful competitions and email list building.
7: Increase new and returning customers with social deals that also build email lists.
8: Comprehensive analytic reports across all social channels, deals, and competitions.
9: Our support team are available business hours to help with questions and ideas, contact directly from within the software. Our software also has tutorial videos on each section of the software.
*Instagram incurs extra costs. Please mention The Business Growth Network when contacting Mat Bullock and this article