It’s been dubbed the new loft – the garage is the latest room being considered for conversion by families who are running out of space, or people needing to adapt their homes through ageing or ill health. 

According to a report by bank Santander, of the 9.3 million private garages in the UK, 650,000 have already been turned into bedrooms/wet rooms as well as home offices, kitchen extensions, utility rooms or sitting rooms. And a further 470,000 are going to be converted into extra living space. Converting a garage into usable living space is an affordable and relatively simple job compared to a loft conversion. It can also be done with minimal disturbance to your home. But before you start, you’ll need to consider the following. 

Permission isn’t usually required for a garage conversion, provided the work is internal and doesn’t involve enlarging the building. However, you must check with your local authority’s planning department first. Garage’s that are listed or located in conservation areas will be less straightforward to convert. 

In all cases, your conversion will have to comply with Building Regulations, so speak to your council’s building control department before you begin. Some councils will also require Planning Permission if you’ll be substantially changing the exterior of your house. 

Santander bank calculates that the average garage conversion costs between £6,300 to £10,000 once it’s been plastered and decorated. (Without furniture). Working out to be much cheaper than moving home and can keep you living on one level if needed. This enables you to stay in your home and pay a care company to come in which is far better than the £40,000 a year for a care home. 

The benefit is spending less and keeping more, staying independent and safe in your own

home with access to your garden, surrounded by neighbours and friends that know you and most of all space for Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren to visit and run around.

Senior Home Solutions specialises in adapting areas of your home to benefit your needs, from relocating toilets or adding new ones. The garage conversion can bring your living space onto one living level giving you access and independence. Not everyone wants to leave the comfort of their home and the memories that have been made. My friend’s father said to him “I know I cannot mow my lawn or dig the vegetable patch, but I still want to be able to sit and see and smell it, whilst I watch you do it!” 

Senior Home Solutions links with local Designers and Architects that are up to date with building regulations and local authorities.

Our aim is to keep you Safe and Independent at home. 

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