Most entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of working for from home. Some leaders even have to manage a team of remote workers from their respective locations. There’s been no better time than this moment to improve on your productivity skills. 

Here are four tips to improve your productivity at home:

  1. Your outfit matters

People love the idea of working in bed, wearing their PJs in a dark room. Whilst this might be most people’s dream, it’s very counterproductive to you, especially if you run your own business. 

You don’t have to wear suits indoors, but try to change your outfit so your mind understands it’s time for work. Don’t be fooled by people who make it look like they are still productive in their PJs.

2. Your Working Space

This can be a difficult one because people have different sizes of rooms in their homes. Some don’t even have access to a larger space outside their bedrooms, so they end up taking their laptops to bed. 

Just as we have been taught not to take our food or movies to bed, don’t take your work to bed. Create some space, even in your room for work to be done. Why? The human mind is created to wander, so the chances of you being distracted by the feel of your bed and more is higher than when you have a dedicated desk space to work. 

Don’t have a desk? You can place your laptop on your bed, and get a chair just opposite your bed. Do make sure your posture is decent to avoid aches and pain.

3. Planner 

(Add image of IPhone calendar)

You can’t have the day you don’t plan. Even at home, take a moment to plan your day once you wake up or the night before. This gives your mind the ease and focus to get on with work. Your attention span is less crowded with thoughts of “imaginary workload”, and you can simply be at peace knowing you have the day figured out.

I use my iPhone calendar on the days I’m a bit tired, but whatever software (or even paper) you can get to help you plan your day will be very useful in this season.

4. The Power of 3

(Add the priority questions)

Have you ever tried to have a to-list, meeting lists etc but don’t seem to still get work done? I know I have. The key to getting things done is learning to prioritise. 

Yes you want to achieve everything you set out to do, but the reality of that is slim. My advice would be to choose the top three goals for the day. You can’t leave your desk until those three tasks are completed.

Remember, productivity is all about doing what you set out to do. Try to add some fun moments in your day so you can balance the day’s workload. 

Kelvin Osondu is an author, entrepreneur and performance coach. Looking to improve your productivity and focus, get in touch via his website at