Why Events Membership Business?

We are looking for Event Partners to join us globally either as a full events partner or online partner. If you are looking for a business that is COVID 19 proof and wish to generate an additional income or run as lifestyle business we would love to hear from you.

Running an events membership business with The Business Growth Network we will show you how to replicate our unique online or face to face or both. We have managed to grow our business online where events have no longer been able to continue. The future is online and face to face events you choose 

Starting Price From £4,995

If you have ever wanted to work from home / operate a business from home please do not miss this opportunity. You can operate 100% of your time online Running Events. You must a have good knowledge of the area and business connections. The business can be fully operated through the use of a laptop, headset and internet connection.

We advertise the business through various online marketing channels, customers then go to the website and they can place an order online for the events. The customers need to place a valid debit or credit card online to proceed with the purchase. Once the order has gone through you will receive an email notification / the customer will also be sent an email confirmation. The Head office team will support you with making your events live on the website and helping with the order process. Payments are made directly through the website or via your stripe invoicing.

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Hybrid Events

We offer both online and face to face events. The choice is yours as to which business model you choose. The demand for online events and face 2 face is now 50/50 allowing for investors to take us on this unique opportunity.

Online events are hosted by local online partners and from the comfort of their own home once a month. We run online daily across the UK and are now reaching out globally. Each partner can run up to four meetings locally for members and members can choice to attend meetings anywhere in the world at no extra charge. Giving members great value for money.

Face 2 Face

Running events locally, this unique opportunity is ideal for those who enjoy the cut and thrust of networking events whilst enjoying the flexibility that comes with it.

A lifestyle business that has great advantages for those wishing to run alongside an existing business or to fit around the family. Each event partner is required to run a minimum of two face to face meetings and one online meeting per month.

Visitors attending meetings from your allocated postcode area can be called after the event has taken place to ask if they wish to join as a member. Visitors can attend three events before being asked to join as a member. Attendees from outside your designated area will be allocated as a lead via our central support team.

You could also use a remote Virtual Assistant to undertake all admin to make this a fully pleasant experience!

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