Before coronavirus, Managing Director, Mark O’Sullivan of BanaBay Ltd was involved in importing and exporting and moving containers of bananas from South and Central America to different countries around the world including the UK. He has now become one of the latest entrepreneurs to switch focus and develop a PPE supply part of the business to support the UK needs during this pandemic.

Mark quoted “After the first few weeks of watching the news and hearing all the shortages of supply of PPE I wanted to use my import/export contacts to see if I can add benefit to the UK and support the efforts on coronavirus. We now have direct supply from China in place and are daily developing a bigger UK network to support getting supplies around the UK into key areas where needed. We are working hard to develop good supply options now for key customers and to also try and support the charities, care homes, and other key areas that are missing daily support on PPE. Even if we help just a few people during this crisis we will have done some good whilst our core businesses are in furlough status”