Maz Ifzal

Thank you for taking the time to read my biography. I am Event Partner for Birmingham and my business is makeapoint

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🗣 Public Speaking is most people’s greatest fear – even more than dying.

🗣 Your speaking style is developed over a period of time. Uniqueness (if that’s a word) doesn’t happen overnight.

🗣 Anyone can be a good speaker if you have the right training. It’s not a “right” or “talent” given to an exclusive set of people.

🗣 As a Public Speaking Trainer and Coach, I teach my clients to share their passion and reveal their inner speaking champion. I have a passion to encourage individuals to find their voice and impact others with their message. I help individuals who are nervous about public speaking to develop their own messages, acquire powerful presentation skills and overcome their fears so they can attract the clients they want & create the business & lifestyle of their dreams.

I teach how to become a brilliant, authentic, engaging speaker through my unique blend of expertise in public speaking coaching and performing arts secrets.

I teach clients how to use public speaking as a powerful tool to grow their businesses, step into the speaking spotlight without fear and empower their presence in the public or corporate eye.

Over-time I have developed a profound understanding the different aspects needed to deliver powerful, persuasive presentations.

Everyone is unique. Everyone deserves to be coached and supported as a human being and as a public speaker that exactly suits their unique needs, challenges and consciousness.

I have an instinctive ability to find the underlying source of a speaker’s stumbling blocks and I Coach to dissolve those blocks.


I cover all 3 aspects of effective communication:

1. What to say – create your magnetizing message

2. How to say it – powerful presentation skills, both in writing & speaking

3. Allow yourself to say it – overcome your speaking fears so that you can speak with confidence and ease in any situation, any time and anywhere.