As Europe starts to reopen its doors, is Britain watching with debated breath? Our closest neighbour France’s President Emmanuel Macron talks of a staged opening of the #lockdown from Monday 11th May and Italy, Austria, Denmark, and Norway have already opened some of its schools, shops and garden centers.

Both President Macron and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain are talking of ‘working together’ and we are in this together. Although, all are talking of precautions and suggesting that any return to normal life will be staged and increased testing, cleanliness and limitations of numbers and not all businesses are able to open. But the public will need reassuring and guidance as to what is allowed and who will be able to return to work.

Whilst across the pond President Trump says it will be the president who says when the United States is open for business, not governors.

Here in the UK, we will need to wait for this Thursday’s announcement but early indications are that we will be in #lockdown until at least the 7th May so as not to waste the efforts made to save lives and protect the NHS.