Famous words and, like many other quotes or phrases, words that we ‘trip off the tongue’ without us possibly dwelling on the deeper meaning.

Allow me to expand…

Ultimately, we are in a strange and uncomfortable scenario right now as we as a nation tackle the ‘Covid-19’ issue. It’s not really relevant what your perspective is or on where the Government have or have not got it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but instead let’s simply focus on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS now and after this season has passed!

Simple question:

Do you operate a business that is ‘Unique’?

Being brutally honest, is there anything about what you offer that I as a possible customer cannot purchase from one or many other sources of supply?

If the answer is an honest ‘No’ then I ask another question – so Why should I buy from you?

The plain and blunt truth is that often there is no reason!! Sadly almost all businesses are ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Same-As’. For every sector there are a dozen maybe 40 within under one 1hours drive…all with ‘good’ websites, all with ‘good track record’, all with ‘professional service and competitive prices’!!

So what?!!

And so it comes down to the basis for business is personal. The ONLY thing that makes me buy is liking and trusting you.

Now I know that you know that…and indeed networking is possibly one of the best ways to show you off. If and when we meet I have a chance to evaluate you and ‘suss you out’, so then I ask another question – do you stack up?

Because it “ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it”!

Smiles are infectious! Laughter is a remedy. Punctuality shows respect. Creation of ideas shows that you thought about ‘me’. Preparation and research shows that you care enough to spend time learning. Service by sometimes offering help way before an invoice opportunity shows me that you are prepared to work at winning my business. Remembering my name after meeting me last month makes you stand out. Following up with a conversation because when we met you said that you would shows that you ‘do as you say’. And I could go on…..

What you do is not relevant because I get hundreds of people who do what you do…but ONLY YOU and the way that you are, can make me want to spend money with you…

And so right now, YOU my friend have an amazing opportunity…. 

Right now inarguably a time of ‘darkness’ is the very best time for a person of ‘light’ to shine. Never before has a business marketplace lent such a wonderful opportunity to you if you chose to see it for what it really is.

The crowded landscape will become less so as many will fade away. This challenge as with all things over Millenia, is survival and growth to be stronger and more resilient. This challenge will kill-off of the weak and in doing so leave a fertile soil for the stronger so be ready, be stronger. 

Now is simply an amazing time to stake your claim! Grow where others fade. Reach out where others shrink back. Demonstrate caring for others where most are only looking out for No1. 

Your time is now.

Step up. Reach out. Grow into this new era.

Show me YOU…show me that YOU do things ‘differently’ because you CARE about me and not just about the ‘it’… and I’ll share my spending your way!

If you have a enforced quiet time what can you learn? What can you create? Who can you call ? (no Not the Ghostbusters!!) Are you refining your offering and embracing systems to make you efficient or adapting to more technology so that you can reach a wider audience. Are you reading and growing and self-developing?

This is such a wonderful time! You have been given a blessing in terms of time ‘to-do-all-of-those-things-that-for-weeks-you-have-moaned-about-not-having-time-to-do’!!! Thank You Universe!!

So, with love my friend I urge you to see this for what it can give you not what it appears to have taken from you.

I urge you to see this as a where you can grow not where you are losing out.

I urge you to let this be your moment in time when you stand up for who you really are and not shrink back because others are shrinking too.

This time is the rub…let your business become a Pearl.