I am obsessed with the idea that society shaped us, perhaps against our will, into the people we are today. I am obsessed with the concept of society being this horrible, hideous place. But, what is society? It is made of the majority. So how can the majority have got it all so horribly wrong?

I am a huge fan of logic; things that make sense. These rules and social conformities put into place by society are not logical in the slightest. We are beginning to speak in words that contradict themselves: “it’s important to be yourself, but no, not quite like that”.

What confuses me more is that it seems as if the minority is rapidly becoming the majority: everyone seems to settle on the idea that society is corrupt, as if they are a part of society, and they fail to realise that it is our own fault society is so messed-up. I mean, let me get this right: society hates…society? We blame society but we are society.

If we make up society and we all disagree with it, why isn’t it changing? Why are we moving backwards instead of using our collective intelligence to evolve? I feel as if disagreeing with society is becoming something that people do to fit in, ironically, with society. Of course, I am not referring to every case, but there are people that state “imperfections are what make you perfect” and then turn around and tear people apart because of the tiniest “imperfection” they have. There are people that say that “judging people is what’s wrong with this world” and then leave people out of their social group because of prejudicial reasons such as appearance.

On the topic of social views on appearance, why do we even still believe in the concept of perfection? Why are we socially constructing these impossible expectations of “beauty”? Why are we teaching young girls that, in order to be beautiful, you must weigh next to nothing? Why are we teaching young girls that physical beauty matters at all? Why is it that half the world are starving to death and the other half are trying to lose weight?

Back to society speaking in contradictory terms, how is it that what is considered beauty in one part of the world is considered “ugly” in another? It’s the same with fashion: what we consider beautiful and “trendy” now will not long be out of fashion. So, why bother trying to fit in with the trends when we live in a world that is changing its perceptions on beauty every two minutes? Is it not better, and not to forget easier, to be yourself? We are so caught up with trying to look like the models in magazines that we forget who we really are and what we really look like.

And I leave you readers with a parting thoughts – “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

–      Ralph Waldo Emerson