As a new business you need the most talented people that you can afford. The first 25 people in a company set the critical business culture, that means the tone, pace, and mindset which will define the company throughout its life cycle.

However one of the key challenges that most business founders find would be recruiting those key people. According to the First Round Review in their annual State of Start up’s report 74% of founders said hiring talent was their key challenge, even above revenue growth and the acquisition of new customers. So with the importance of recruiting the right individuals yet with so many founders sighting it as their key challenge, what on earth is the answer? In short, get yourself a recruiter to do the leg work for you.

A world class recruiter can not only get to know you, your personality, your aspirations for the future of your business but they can find you an individual that fits your organisation perfectly. A recruiter will do all of the CV searching, the preliminary interviews and background checks, freeing up your precious time in growing your business to new heights. Imagine having a pre-qualified list of candidates to consider, no laborious and time consuming telephone and face to face interviews?

So there’s always the elephant in the room when it comes to the cost of a recruiter, right? However the answer to that is can you afford not to? After all your time is money and chances are unless your background is already in recruitment you may find the process tedious, costly and time consuming without the support of a recruitment professional. By hiring a professional recruiter to outsource your talent adds a greater level of validity to your business as talent is likely to be encouraged by your use of an agency in fulfilling your hiring needs, as a recruiter we appreciate that a start up can seem a daunting whilst rewarding opportunity for candidates.

So what talent can you expect? Our database not only includes candidates actively looking but those who whilst happy in their current role trust our expertise to guide them to new and exciting opportunities when they arise. If you are recruiting without the assistance of a recruitment consultant the chances of attracting this type of talent are slim to none without a wide and diverse network.

Once the candidate has been placed within a role, what happens next then? A talented recruiter will continue to work with you and ensure you are happy with your new employee, offer you guidance on HR and personnel matters to ensure the smooth and effective induction of the new addition to your business and continue to keep in contact to assist again when required. The role of a recruiter is not to simply place you with a new employee but to ensure an all round efficient and supportive addition to your business.

If you have a recruiter who will partner with you and your business you will find a great asset.

Spending all your time sourcing candidates, scheduling, interviewing, etc.? For a start up is this the best use of your time?

Why use Heylus

The perfect team. Not all recruitment agencies are the same. We’re small but perfectly formed and poised to help you as an SME/start up/new business owner to face the challenges of recruitment head on. Based in the heart of Birmingham city centre we focus on creative, multi-media and tech sectors. If you need a world class creative head, designer, developer, social media manager, content writer expert, call us. We have worked in the industry for more than a decade and we know it inside out. Ready to get recruiting savvy then get in touch at