The Business Growth Network’s founder had the pleasure of interviewing Tony Elvin, General Manager for Touchwood Solihull and also Vice -President of Solihull Chamber of Commerce recently wrote an article in Greater Chamber of Commerce press praising the Governments response to the Coronavirus outbreak but went on to say the retail sector was ‘still in the dark’ fo how they were to open. Since the article was written the government has issued further guidelines on how they should open and his center and units can open. Read Original Article

In his interview with me (Mark Linton) from The Business Growth Network live on Facebook he explains how his tenants will work to open and get shoppers back safely in June. He points out that health and safety is the heart of the center and they will be providing a similar approach to the shopping center as supermarkets have done in getting people safely around, with wide isles and one way systems in place along with cleaning throughout the day he is confident that people will be able to shop safely. He goes on to say that ‘should people be not happy with anything or see people abusing social distancing that they should report it to a member of staff so they can rectify the situation”

We need to get back to some sort of normality and with the press leading the way with saying PM urges people to go and spend to get the economy moving again it’s down to the ordinary public to do their bit to move things forward.