The way businesses operate is changing all the time, but during recent weeks and months the number of companies moving towards working from home and remote working has rocketed; This is going to be the new norm.

SmartPA are leaders within the PA, Secretarial and Administrative sector, providing expert business support to businesses of all sizes on a remote basis. Our service guarantees to maximise productivity and efficiency, whilst remaining cost effective and flexible, providing businesses with tremendous operational benefits.

We quickly and seamlessly integrate into your business. We think, act and behave like a member of your team so that your business always appears as you’d want it – consistent and professional.

SmartPA provides support to businesses on-line; all partners are ‘working-from-home’, so, importantly in the current circumstances, a COVID-19 risk-free working environment is immediately created. Additionally, due to the way SmartPA operates, our team are all trained and SmartPA accredited, there are no additional employment costs incurred, and no workspace or equipment requirements. However, there is a full support network of almost 300 SmartPA partners ready to assist with your administration processes, and we can be supporting you within 24 hours, if that’s what’s needed.

It has never been more important to look at new ways of working and have a contingency plan in place in case of emergencies or disasters like that which we’re experiencing now. 

Once you start using the services of SmartPA, you’ll soon experience the benefits of remote working and after the current worries and concerns are past you’ll have in place an effective SmartPA business support service giving you flexibility in how your business operates and control over your administration costs. 

SmartPA is available now for on-line appointments and consultations.

Contact: Fraser Whittle



Mobile: +356 99111050