Brexit, deal, no deal and now elections. It’s fair to say businesses are frustrated, as is the nation, over the proposed leaving date of the UK from Europe. Politics aside it’s crippling the economy with banks stalling to lead and investors holding back on plans to invest.

More than 1200 days since Britain voted to leave and we are still in the dark as to what we might expect. It truly is a dark moment on Halloween day. Some would even say spooky (apologies for the play on words, it is not a joking matter) that the Government failed to get it sorted by 31st October as planned. 

We are left with indecision after indecision and the indecisiveness of the politicians is damaging the UK’s brand abroad. In the past, we have spoken about the special relationship with America and the two leaders Boris and Trump who stand before us. The only thing that can be agreed upon is the circus of affairs they have managed to create. The special relationship the UK and US have these days is more like a Christmas cracker with its stale jokes and plastic toys that everyone knows, but everyone tolerates anyway.

Who will be Prime Minister for the next Brexit deadline? 

What is our choice Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who has a track record of sitting on the fence and not making his policies clear and challenging, the Government or Jo Swinson, whose voice at Prime Minister’s Question Time is quieter than a mouse. In fact we are more about what the SNP’s views are with Ian Blackford than we are with the Liberal Democrat’s.

Some of you may be aware in my darkest hour, I served as an independent councillor for nearly two years and lost the election to traditional votes where two candidates formed an alliance. I beat Labour and Conservative councillors by a huge margin only to lose to fellow independents and the Liberal Democrats and Greens back in May. The country had had enough back then and the Conservatives, as we know, took a hammering. 

Now, we are being asked to go to the polls and vote. Have we learnt nothing or, should I say, have the Conservatives learnt nothing from history? At worse we are going to see a hung parliament and at best a coalition, but they cannot agree with Labour on the opposite sides of the bench as it is and the Liberal Democrats would be ill-advised to get into bed with the Conservatives again.

The country is in turmoil, and something needs to change. We need a definitive decision and a plan. I feel we have neither and yet now we are heading for the polls in December or so it seems. So is Christmas on hold and do the public have the appetite to halt Christmas for politics?

What is clear is businesses need a clear decision on Brexit so we can move on. By Mark Linton LLB