The Business Growth Network Ltd was founded by Mark Linton following on from the success of The Business Growth Show founded in 2007.

The Business Growth Network (BGN) allows businesses of all sizes to connect and grow. The purpose of the network is to help connect, nurture and grow businesses from all sizes and industries whilst providing them with a platform to communicate on.


Calling Out Partners

We are currently looking for partners across the U.K to work with us. To join our team and run events you must have lots of drive and enthusiasm and be an experienced networker.

 The Business Growth Network will train you, help you with marketing and give you the tools needed to be successful. In return, you will receive a healthy return on your investment through membership and event sales whilst running the partnership either full or part-time.

9 + 4 =

Would you like to learn more about our events and how we can help you in growing your business?