5 Digital Tools That Don’t Replace Expertise

Digital tools have become smarter in the business environment and essential to business growth. A click can achieve a lot, from making your data accessible to relevant for team members to processing transactions in real-time. No doubt using digital tools can streamline operations and speed up processes. This can help by replacing manual labour, but, too many businesses fall in the trap of expecting expertise at the click of a button. 

Here are 5 common tools that businesses may be using wrong. 

Creating SEO optimised content

The majority of businesses rely on Google Analytics to gather knowledge about their online presence. While it would be unfair to claim that Google Analytics is the only SEO tool available, it’s a favourite at the heart of marketing agency services. However, does using GA make you better at optimising your organic traffic? The answer is no. Most small businesses lack expert knowledge to extract valuable SEO information from search volume, impressions, backlinks, and time load. 

Managing your finances

Having an online bookkeeping system may let you invoice your clients in a click and keep track of your expenditure. Yet, that doesn’t allow for safely creating a cashflow strategy to support business growth. Tools can do all the calculations for you, but they do not replace experienced accountants with a full suite of services for businesses. Working closely with a team of specialists can provide the financial clarity you need to achieve your business objectives. Online bookkeeping solutions are unable to provide audit, business tax advice, and financial planning services. 

A meaningful logo

Where do you go for a good logo? When you run a small business on a tight budget, you may be tempted to look into the likes of tools that let you design a logo at a bargain cost. However, online logo tools tend to use pre-made templates, which leaves little room for personalisation and uniqueness. Logos, however, are vital to your brand image and identification. When you opt for a design that looks and feels like every other brand, you become indistinguishable from the competition. 

Online search marketing

If you run Google AdWords ads, you are probably familiar with the recommendation tab that lets you see Google suggestions for your specific account, campaigns and ads. The recommendations are designed to help optimise your results. However, while Google combines your data with their knowledge of the algorithm to maximise your SEM presence, it doesn’t mean you should take their suggestions on face value. Keyword opportunities, for instance, can cost you a lot of money for little results. Ultimately, suggestions need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by someone who’s got not only an understanding of AdWords but also of your business and market. 

Digital team building

If like many companies, you’ve been forced to embrace remote work arrangements during the pandemic, you might have been looking for team building solutions. This tools may have included Zoom, Microsoft Meet and Google to help bring together your team. Although your team can see each other on a screen, it doesn’t mean they can necessarily work together. Webcam-friendly tools do not replace professional team bonding services, especially with a remote team! 

In conclusion, in a word where self-improvement is crucial to business survival, relying on smart tools isn’t enough. It is a false economy to use tools instead of experts. Ideally, you want to surround yourself with both.